Npm publish isn't updating (solved)


I've just spent to time fixing issue with my node-red-contrib-mytimeout code. I've updated github and changed the version in package.json to "2.0.0" (and again to "2.1.0: based on old Google group threads) but I still don't see an update on I do see the update on I've simply done an npm publish after all my updates and push to github. Am I missing something or do I just need to be patient?



There's an open issue with npm on this: New node didn't show up on this site


As it does seem to have picked up the version on npm - you can also give it a poke manually - by logging into the site (with your github id) , find your node and then request update


Huge thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I have learned something new.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Dceejay, as soon as I figure out how to mark this solved I will. :slight_smile: