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Update 23 April 2020 - For the latest on how to add/update nodes to the Flow Library, please see this post.

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It appears the NPM search index is once again having issues and failing to properly identify modules with the node-red keyword. This can cause one of three problems with the flow library:

  1. it fails to spot when a new version of an existing node has been published
  2. it fails to spot when an entirely new module has been published
  3. it removes a module from the flow library as it thinks the module has been removed from npm

Thankfully I monitor it fairly closely and having seen an instance of all three of those happen this afternoon, I have now disabled the Flow Library's scanning of npm and restored the node that was incorrectly removed.

Given the long running history of issues with the npm search index, I'm going to investigate a different approach that is less reliant on the search index. But that isn't going to happen immediately.

In the meantime, if you have published an update to a module already in the flow library, you can update the flow library yourself by logging in to the page and clicking the 'request refresh' link in the sidebar. That refresh will be queued up and done within 10 mins.

If you have published a brand new node that doesn't appear in the flow library, add a comment below and I can manually add it until such time as we have the UI in place for your to do it yourself. Note this is a manual process that requires me to do stuff - so will be done as and when I am able.


Hi @knolleary,

yesterday I published my first custom node on NPM, the name is node-red-contrib-configurable-soap-server.

Thanks for your support.

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Hi Nick, trying to login to flows.nodered.org but getting ...

No server is currently available to service your request.

... after a long wait.

sometimes I get this straight away ...


Is there an issue at the moment? I am trying to refresh a node.


got this on last attempt

It looks like github is down/doing maintenance.

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Looks like github are having an incident - https://www.githubstatus.com/

If you go to the 'add a node' page and enter the name of your node there, it will refresh it.

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Worked thank you :+1:

and my bad if I missed that tip in the info you provided

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