NodeRed Palette is months behind the NPM package - node-red-contrib-smartlifeair - HELP

Hey Guys
I just noticed one of my Nodes still has a very old version(5months old) in NodeRed (NPM is updated several times after that- 12 version updates to be exact with in last 4 months). I am not sure how to update it. Any help is appreciated.

NPM package (0.0.34) -

Node red package (0.0.15) -

In the local node-red palette I see the same version (0.0.15)

You have to update non standard nodes yourself.

What do you mean? Do you mean updating in a node-red instance in the palate or update somewhere else?

No, you go into the palette manager, scroll to the node, and click update.

You can't expect the people at node red to build in support to update foreign nodes.

Found the solution.

For future reference.
Had to log in to and press "Request Refresh" under actions. Looks like that forced to update the cache

I think we are talking about two things here. :sweat_smile: My issue was, I was seeing a very old version of my plugin till I request an update on the basically, in the palette manager, it won't show the update option even though NPM package has been updated several times

@razorRun we no longer scan for updates to the flow library automatically. This post gives the background: ⚠️Flow Library not detecting updated modules

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Could you just clarify for me, does the node-red palette manager get its data on available node versions from the flow library or direct from npmjs?

The editor loads a JSON catalog of available nodes that is generated by the flow library - this includes the version number.

Just to be clear, node-RED users don't have to go through their palette, updating the palette node versions. It should be updated by the contrib node developer after they have updated their own contrib node version on npm.

If however, a developer forgets to do so, any user logged into git can also request a refresh of any node.

Ok, I'm now even more confused than @razorRun.

I have a swag of nodes.

I have NR 1.0.3 or later.

Every now and then I go in and update any often used nodes that are WAY behind on updates.

Yet, what you (@Paul-Reed) they are supposed to update themselves?

We are not talking about actually updating the node in your installation, we are talking about updating the available node version in the node library.
Then you can update your local installation to the latest version via the palette.

I'll put my hand up.

I am not understanding what you mean by that?
As in: When I look at the nodes, their (the nodes installed) show their latest update and the one installed?

Ok, I saw you just added a bit.

The last line:

Is what I was meaning to convey.

Let me give you an example;

As a node developer (I use that term loosely :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) and I update my Simpletime node on npm from v1 to v2.
If I forget to update the node library, it will always show up as v1 in your palette, and you will not be able to get v2. Despite npm showing that it has been updated to v2.

Now, if I (or someone else) requests that the node is refreshed in the node library, the library will be then updated, and your palette will then show v2, and allow you to update to that version.

Hope that's clear (I'm replying on my phone, whilst sheltering from rain under a tree!)

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Thanks. I don't fret too much on it and I just popped in to this thread in an attempt to help with how to update the node.

If it was thunderstorms, I would suggest you don't shelter under a tree.
If hit by lightning, they tend to explode.

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