How to add/update nodes to the Flow Library

The Flow Library will no longer automatically detect updates to modules on npm. (see this post for the background).

Adding a new node to the library

If you have a new node to add to the library, click on the + button at the top of and select the 'node' option. This takes you to this page. Then follow the steps on the page to submit to the node to the library

Updating an existing node

If you have published an update to an existing node, you can either resubmit it the same way, or use the 'request refresh' link in the sidebar of the node's page (only visible if you have logged in).


Hello form Berlin.

Just updated node-red-contrib-homie-convention and tried to update the flow library by pressing ' request refresh' link ... done ... Now the node(s) completely disappeared form the library.

Do I only have to wait or do I have to add it again?


If you use the 'add node' page to resubmit the node you'll see why it got removed... it can't find the node-red keyword in the package.json.

Looking at your node, it has node-RED not node-red as the docs describe. I realise now npm search was case-insensitive. Now we don't rely on the npm search index, case matters.

I can fix the check to ignore case, but not tonight. Quick fix will be to publish a new version with the keyword node-red.

Thank you for your fast response - always amazing!

As you mentioned I had the node-RED keyword ... changed it to node-red and it is back again.

Hope this message finds you well.
Take care, and thank you again for your great work.

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