Use npm to update a node

Node-RED is installed on Pi with the standard script :
bash <(curl -sL

Is it possible to update a node such as Dashboard with npm at ".node-red" directory?

The node was installed from the admin panel, but user may not access the admin panel unless modifying "settings.js" file.

Yes, just run npm update <pkg> in .node-red directory.

Tested but it did not work? Used the following command:
npm update node-red-dashboard

Dashboard was version 3.4. Restarted Node-RED after the command, but the admin panel still shows the old version 3.4. The latest version is 3.5.

npm install node-red-dashboard@latest

Worked like a charm!

It depends on the semantic versioning defined in the package.json, to make it simple the following command will update your package to the latest version npm install <pkg>@latest. See here

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Yes npm install works perfectly. To be safe, use the following command to update the node to a specific version (in case that future updates break anything). For example:

npm install node-red-dashboard@3.5.0

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