Twitter ending free api access - February 9th

Twitter have announced today that they are shutting off all free access to their APIs in a week's time, to be replaced with a paid tier of access.

The details are very limited at this point and they won't be sharing more information about how the paid access will work until next week - leaving all developers using the API very little time to do anything.

All I can say at this point is that given the information provided, unless they u-turn on this choice, the Node-RED Twitter nodes will stop working on February 9th.

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10th Feb and I'm still getting Node Red Twitter tweets. Fingers crossed and it continues to work.

They announced yesterday - one day before the deadline they had previously announced - that they were delaying until Monday 13th.

They also suggested there would still be form of free access albeit quite limited.

So it is entirely possible that the feed keeps working next week - given they haven't announced the details of the free access and whether existing tokens will continue to work, it is anyone's guess.

I'm away on holiday next week. I won't be logging in to get it working if changes are needed. Given the disregard they have shown for developers it's hard to be enthusiastic about keeping it working. The mastodon feed will certainly keep ticking along (

Another Elon deadline passed and the Twitter Node is still working.

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