Major update to Twitter node coming



Twitter have recently announced some changes to the APIs they provide. These will impact the functionality the Twitter node we provide is able to offer.

Most of the changes don’t come in to effect until August, but one set of changes are being made with only 30 days notice. And as we’re only just become aware of them, we only have 20 days left to respond.

Unfortunately, the change that is coming in 20 days time is the most disruptive - it will prevent the existing Twitter node from signing in to the API and prevent it from working.

We will be working on a fix - but it will be a disruptive change to the node. When we publish the new version of the Twitter node and announce it here, not only will you have to update the node module, but you’ll also have to take additional steps to authenticate your twitter nodes.

I apologise for the inconvenience this will bring. This is a reality of maintaining nodes for other people’s APIs.


New Twitter node available - upgrade *required*
Node-RED 0.18.7 released

The change to the sign-up api of Twitter means the node will no longer be able to provide the one-click authentication button.

Instead, a user will be required to register their own application with Twitter and generate a set of keys and access tokens for it. These keys will then have to be manually copied into the nodes edit dialog.

Here is what the new Twitter credentials node will look like:


Many thanks for the quick run for that!
I think it’s a very simple thing to do, as a user perspective, to maintain twitter usage.



Version 0.1.15 of the Twitter node has just been published. This is a minor version bump that adds in some very clear and obvious warnings about the imminent Twitter API changes.

We will have Version 1.0.0 of the Twitter node available before the June 12th deadline.


Hi maybe this should be not asked here. Sorry for that if so.

I’m trying to update twitter node and get a “Module not locally installed” error.

I’ve been looking for any solution on forums without success.


I’ve tried to remove node-red-node-twitter both locally and globally but it is still on nodered palette.

May you give me any clue to be able to update this node?


I answer myself. It was installed on /usr/local/lib/node_modules/node-red/.

I’ve uninstalled the module and installed using palette manager.