Twitter configuration node stays active



i am using Node-RED v 0.19.5 with node-red-node-twitter v 1.1.4. I made a flow without changing the API keys and - of course - I received an error ("Could not authenticate you."). After I created new API keys and added them to the configuration node everything works fine. The only problem is that the above error message keeps popping up every few minutes.

I have tried to delete everything - nodes; flow and configuration node - and configure everything from scratch in a new node but the error keeps popping up. Even when I delete everything again and don't add a flow with the twitter node it keeps happening.

It is as if the old node with the old configuration node is still there and still active but I don't see it in the flow tabs or in sidebar. What can I do to get rid of this error message?

Sjoerd van Staveren



have you tried rebooting or restarting node-red?

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No, I hadn't. Now I have. Problem solved. Thank you! :+1: