Make "Expand" button on function node config the same as on template node

On a function node the Expand button is at the top of the scrollbar

If you move the scrollbar and drop it partly overlaying the button, The editor usually prioritises the scrollbar and fails to offer "Expand".

In contrast, a template node has the button above the scrollbar

Proposed enhancement
Please move the function button so that it does not conflict with the scrollbar. Either between or to the right of the tab labels.
Alternatively, move the top of the scrollbar below the button


+1 for making some change. Recently I seem to keep missing the button so I wonder whether something has changed.

Yeah, I've poked at this a couple times over the years and not quite hit a satisfactory result.

One issue is there not quite enough space above the code editor in the Function node to fit the resize button when we want to maximise the vertical space give to the code editor.

We can't move the scrollbar as that is all part of the monaco widget - the expand button is one we are overlaying above it.

Will have another stare at it.

The button itself is in a div, sadly with no class or id but inline style
<div style="position: absolute; right:0; bottom: calc(100% - 20px); z-Index: 10;">

Changing it to top : -22px moves it above the scrollbar (on my browser, on my PC) but no doubt there's a good reason for the position being relative to the bottom.

And the tab labels can be made slightly narrower to leave a bit more space.

Even without changing the tabs, the min-width of the panel would seem to be able to acommodate the widget?



    position: absolute;
    bottom: calc(100% - 0px);
    right: -1rem;
    z-Index: 10;

And yes, I know that the bottom calc is rather over-specified here. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, the button could easily be removed and added to the F1 menu or the right click context menu of the code editor. :man_shrugging:

Hmm. I don't like that!

There is space at the top of the Monaco widget to the left of the line numbers, but I think the template node would need to be changed too if you picked that option

I didn't think many would TBF, just putting it in the mix.

What if the scrollbar started just below the "expand" button?

I think a top: 20px would do it.

I think the scroll is part of Monaco editor. Not sure if it can be affected by CSS or if it is programmatically set by Monaco. Also, the solution needs to take ACE into account.

I thought ACE would be removed in NR 4.0.

I hoped it would be too but I've not had time to add an alternative or a scaled down backup (aka textarea)

In the meantime, people can "simply" add the CSS adjustment themselves if they want to move the widget as suggested above. :slight_smile:

bump I would also like this issue to be addressed. My team works in function nodes a lot. Some shortcut or GUI adjustment will be welcome. :slight_smile: