Make Node-RED silently accept dynamically added flows

I'm trying to POST http request to add flows automatically at run time

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "@/path/to/my/flow.json" http://localhost:1880/flows

However, in the browser, I get a prompt asking me to merge the incoming flow.
My question: Is it possible to suppress this dialog so that the flow can be silently added?

Hi @kakyoism

There is currently no way to prevent that message. We cannot have the editor silently reload the updated flows and lose all of the user's unsaved work in the editor.

The one improvement we could make is that if we are able to detect the update does not conflict with anything the user is doing in the editor, then apply the update in the background. We'd probably still want to provide the user with some sort of notification that something has changed, but that doesn't have to be a modal dialog.

Note that the flow is added, the notification appears because the browser notices that the flow on the server has been updated.

I understand the "notification" part. But I'd love to skip the modal dialog part when the new flow is added to a blank sheet. I don't need to answer any questions at that point.


Thanks, Nick. You get my idea right there. If there is no question to answer I should not have to click anything.

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