Max size of a project?

I have a project I started out to keep some work organized and watch some sensors, and it's gone from being a simple/personal monitor of a few contact closures on a Pi, to a much larger SNMP querying and pinging system, that logs data, aggregates data to make probable conclusions, and displays a live running data window.
I'm currently at 1500 nodes and a dozen or so tabs. I haven't even started some of the ideas I want to experiment with (remote serial control, loading a onenote to-do list every morning).
It's running on an Ubuntu VM (moved off the Pi), and performance is great, Ubuntu reports .81 max system load. The Windows7 VM host never shows any load (except maybe when Windows Update starts)...

Is there a point I should worry that this is getting too large?
Or is the underlying code lightweight enough that it will be incomprehensible to me before the machine struggles with it?

Side note, is there a way to see things like total flows and nodes in a project? I calc'd the 1500 by hitting Select-All, "copy" on each tab and taking the "Copied xxx nodes" popup.

Don't worry about it. If the system is not showing any signs of running out of power then it is not an issue. You will most likely get well into the stage of not being able to understand your system because it is too complex before you hit the limits of the processor. The exception might be if you started doing cpu intensive stuff like image manipulation, video streaming, heavy duty mathematical analysis etc.

Obviously if you are running on low power device like a Pi Zero then the limit will be much earlier, but is is surprising just how much even such a device can handle.

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