Upper limiit of nodes in a tab, inquiry


Hey guys. I was just wondering what would be the general upper limit to max nodes in one tab?
Reason I ask is I was reading some best practices and it mentioned to keep them as small as possible.
I do understand that but I find it somewhat annoying that I can’t close the tabs up top after I am done working on it (maybe you can but i can’t figure it out). Since I cant close them I tend to group similar flows together in 1 tab.
For example I have a tab of “inside climate” in there 7 big flows each with about 40 nodes ~ 260 total. I find that even though my raspberry pi is reporting it has plenty of memory , disk (its not running on SD its on SSD through USB2) and CPU power left the UI interface is slow/laggy because it has to load a LOT of chart data. Would splitting the flows into a different tab help? I dont think it would
Only 2 solutions for me come to mind- better hardware or more efficient flows (trying to work on)

Also is there a way to close a tab? then reopen it from somewhere to resume working?



For the most part, the tabs are there to help you organise your flows. In terms of performance in the runtime, the number of nodes on a tab is pretty much irrelevant.

In the editor, once you have many nodes on one tab, there is more work for the editor to display them. That is purely an editor issue.

You could choose to split things over tabs, or collapse some parts of your flows into subflows. None of which has a bearing on the runtime - it just reduces how much the editor needs to display at any time.



This is not related to the number of tabs/flows. It relates to what Angular v1 & the chart does to the browser. Dave has made some great improvements to the chart in Dashboard but it is still running Angular v1 which is a bit of a hog.



If this is a Dashboard/chart question then … yes - charts can be a bit of a pain. The main thing to do is to make sure you are actually only plotting data you need to… Bear in mind that when your charts are on screen they may only be 300 pixels or so across - so based on the timeframes you wish to display you may want to average, smooth, discard or otherwise manipulate your data before you send it to the charts.