Optimization of tabs vs flows for performance

From a performance perspective: Is there a difference between having fewer tabs with lots flows in them vs lots of tabs with only a few flows in each.

From a "usage" I would prefer the latter of course,

I currently have 4 servers with 3 instances of Node-RED running on each. We are moving to a new environment and I would like to condense it down to 2 server (PROD and non-Prod) instead of one per environment like we have today. Each instance has about 5 tabs in each each environment, which would make the non-prod instance have about 15 tabs on it.

Each tab is a flow, do you mean nodes?

True ... I kind of think of a flow is a "unit of work" with an input and some number of nodes following and possibly a response, Where as a Tab would consist of multiple "related" flows. ... am I the only one that sees things this way? Is there a better name for what I'm calling a "flow"?

OK, I understand what you mean.

Nothing that I'd expect you to notice.

There is a small memory overhead for each flow/tab, but should be inconsequential in the big scheme of things

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Thanks Nick,
That was my gut instinct as well, just wanted to be sure. :slight_smile:

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