Node-red terminology confusion

We started using Node-red in our projects, and really love it. Part of what I do is train new people on how to use Node-red properly.
a thing which many people find confusing in the terminology, is that the term "Flow" can refer to 2 different things, either:

  • An editor tab with a scheme of inter-connected nodes
  • A distinct messaging "transaction"

For example, the message "Flow has not started": does it mean that the nodes on the tab are not active, or that they are active, but idle (waiting for messages).

It may be too late to change terminology now, but ideally it would have made things clearer if we separated the two:

  • An editor tab - instead of flow, will be called Map, Scheme, Template etc
  • A messaging transaction - msg flow, msg sequence, msg stream, thread etc.

@knolleary, @Steve-Mcl - your thoughts?

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This topic has come up before and been discussed at length. I can't immediately find any of the (multiple) previous threads, but I can say the net result is nothing has changed.

I've no doubt others will have opinions on this, but I don't think any really suitable alternatives have emerged over the years of discussing this topic.

There is also the practical consideration of the impact of trying to adopt new names for anything - from documentation to UX in the editor. It isn't a minor task just to stick some new labels on things.

OK, I get it :slight_smile: .

Here's one

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