Max31865 thermocouple amplifier (Solved)

I am still working on this project, as soon as I have a working flow I will post a list of the steps I took to make the Max31865 work. This has been frustrating and poorly documented device. I'd like to help others avoid the hours of reading and trial and error. Stay tuned.....

Hello all.
I'm trying to connect a Max 31865 thermocouple Amplifier to Node Red. I have tried many many things. There is no specific node for it (that I can find). I've tried one from adafruit and it crashed Node Red to the point it would not run unless it was in safe mode. There is this but I've put it in a python shell node and it doesn't work.
I'd like to know these things-
1- is there a simple node that will just work with this board?
a- if so can i just install it from the Node -Red dashboard?
2- Is it possible to use the above link to run the python code in Node Red?
a- if so how?
3- If I can use this Python code, where should the library go?
4- I'm not set on any method to read this temp probe, all I want is to get usable data to control a process for my oven. I would be happy to use Voodoo but I'm much more familiar Node Red and I'm out of live chickens.

I would sure appreciate some help with this. I'm new to this whole thing and analog to digital conversion in not something I can figure out.
Also... there is a node called Max31855 and 31856. I've tried those and they doesn't seem to work either. thank you again.

I hope you understand that we are not clairvoyant around here.

Does the python script work on the commandline ? If yes what error did you get in node-red ?

It looks to me as that link brings you to a python library that you can use in a python program that you write to access the Max31865.

As for the nodes Max31855 and 31856, you would need to write a wrapper arround them so they would be node-red-contrib-xxxxx and usable in node-red,

Sorry for being vague. It was not my intention.

I'm running this in a python shell node. Here are the errors. I get 3 each time in inject a time stamp. If this is not sufficient, please let me know what you would like to see and I'm happy to post any necessary data. Thank you again

4/17/2019, 5:46:05 PMnode: f1254f69.96fe68msg : string[76]

"Traceback (most recent call last):↵ File "", line 282, in ↵"

4/17/2019, 5:46:05 PMnode: f1254f69.96fe68msg : string[86]

" File "", line 266, in python_function↵ImportError: No module named max31865↵"

4/17/2019, 5:46:05 PMnode: f1254f69.96fe68msg : string[42]

"Python Function process exited with code 1"

believe it or not, you helped me. I figured out how to run the code from the command line, it worked, then I understood how to make the python shell work, give it the path to the python program.

Thank you


I've created a native Node-RED node for the MAX31865. The node will be published in the official repositories, but here is the development repository:

Perhaps it's still useful for your project. :slight_smile: