MC protocol not auto connect

i have a project that read mitsubishi Q series using MC protocol ( node-red-contrib-mcprotocol (node) - Node-RED) and it worked. but it have a slightly bug, it cannot automatically connect if the plc got lost connection. it must re deploy the flow or restart the node red.

is there any other way to make the MCprotocol connect to the plc automatically?

What protocol are you using?

As stated in the readme, UDP 4E is the most reliable (In my previous job, I had years of problems with the TCP connections on Mitsubishi PLCs)

Regarding auto reconnect, you can also watch the status of the node or the output of the node and determine if a reconnect is necessary & issue a disconnect/connect.

The built in help states...

INFO: To open / close the MC Protocol connection, send boolean true in msg.connect , msg.disconnect or msg.reinitialize. Alternatively, send string connect, disconnect or reinitialize in msg.topic to the any mc read / mc write node.

Cross posted here; Not automatically connect to Q series PLC in node red · Issue #19 · Steve-Mcl/node-red-contrib-mcprotocol · GitHub

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