mdashboard-Create multi-users

I'm trying to use node-red to create a multi-user dashboard, the idea is that the dashboard has different session, each for a different user. A user must be identificated by the system and can't reach the dashboard resources of another user.
Can you give me a example for create multi-users with dashboard?

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Probably best to contact the author of mdashboard direct via his GitHub project as I don’t think he flows here too closely.

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did you ended up contacting the author? and if so, how would one go around making a multi-user instance?

I contacted to the author but no answer.
See this Topic:


How to uninstall the mdashboard please let me know.

Welcome to the forum @santhosh.

Remove all the mdashboard nodes from your flow, check in Configuration Nodes to see if there are any unused config nodes, and delete them if there are, then you should be able to uninstall mdashboard from Manage Palette in the hamburger menu.

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Thank you colin

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