Message not received by a specific time

I work on a system that sends notifications when a job is completed or fails. It does not send a notification if its stuck. So I am using the email Node to receive the completed email, but also the inject set to a time just after I should have received the email. I then use the Wait-paths node to interpret which comes first.

my issue now is I can not access the msg.object to the level of Paths, my hop was to use the split node to trigger my next part of the flow which is the GPIO pins of my pi

Is there a node that will do what I am trying to do out of the box?
or can you help me get to the values I need ?

the values are
trigg (this is the Path) and 2 is the value of the message from trigg
email(this is the other parth) and 1 is the value of the message from email

thank you

The link below will show you how you can use the Change node to move the bit you want into the payload. However I am not sure if that is what you want to do. Read that section anyway as it tells you about message contents then if you are still stuck come back and explain what you want to do with trig and email.

Thank you for your fast reply Colin. I will take a look at the link you provided.

I will explain my issue a little more as there might be a simple solution that I am missing.

I should get a job completed email at 8:30am each morning but if the system fails it does not send the email.

So I set an inject node to seed a time stamp at 8:30am

If I get the email then my output is 0, if I do not get the email then the inject node will send the time Stamp.

but if I get the email I do not want to get the time stamp.

everything I have found so far require both inputs to happen.
in the screen shot the trig happened first then the email

if the email was first the parths : object would read
email: 1
Trif: 2

If you could receive an email you can set a context value.

Then with your time inject you can check to see the context value with a switch
This flow in the cookbook might be useful

I would feed both email and the inject into a function node. In the function node, when the email is received then save the current timestamp in the node-context and do not send on a message. Also in that function node when the inject is received (you can use different topic values to identify which message is which) then you can check the timestamp of the last email and if it is not recent then do whatever you need to do.

Thank you both for your replies I played around with the switch last night and I think that solves my problem.

thank you again