Migrate Google Group Archive?


Hello Guys,

I think this is a great idea, google forum was not running very well that’s the truth…
From other side is also truth the fact that forum is frequently used in order to make a search for some topics that could be in some specific interest or maybe related to same problem/question you actually have.

I mean for me is like google something to see what help you can find from previous conversations on the forum.

I think is going to be difficult to migrate like this when all previous data seems to be directly lost and I wonder is there is no way to recover somehow all previous conversations on a specific category for instance so you don’t have to classify all previous conversations by topic, but at least we can use it starting from here to make a search and take benefit of those previous conversations without having to use booth,google forum and this one.




Yes we have thought about that (a bit)… there isn’t any good way to migrate things over - there are a couple of hacks but we didn’t want to jump into that and mess things up to start with. We don’t have a problem with people copying over good answers if they find something useful and want to re-share it here to make it easier to find. On the other hand google does do search quite well :wink: so finding the old items isn’t usually too hard, and we aren’t intending to delete them.

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