Tapatalk compatibility


I didn’t find an appropriate category regarding the forum itself, I have being checking and didn’t find the forum on tapatalk.

Fore those who used to use forums tapatak is great, I guess there is no compatibility noways? Is any plan to bring it?




Hi - there is the #meta category for discussions of the forum itself - which I’ve moved this topic into for you.

I’ve never heard of tapatalk, so no, it isn’t something we’re looking at. What benefits does it bring?



Hello Knolleary,

Thanks for your reply, if you have never heard about before I recommend you to take a look.
Tapatalk was an app for following/using forums on smartphones & tablets, this was created I think on XDA many years ago and I saw latest years many of the forums has moved to have compatibility to.

I think is a great as open a web based forum on a phone is not really a good experience and with this app make it more handly, to compare and as example is like use the website from facebook on a smartphone/tablet or use the specific app, nothing to do regarding user interface/experience.

Long term and Indirectly I think this is translated on more people using the forum and interacting.

I’m sure for those who had being using different kinds of forums since may years ago already should know an can bring their thoughts.

Hope not to disturb just trying to bring some ideas.

Best regards



As curiosity I just google “tapatalk forum compatibility” and found a lot of different links from many kinds of forums from people speaking about this, so should not be so silly question :stuck_out_tongue:



Not a silly question, but most of the threads (at least on the Discourse meta) seem to indicate they have no interest in adding a core plugin, so unlikely we will be able to do anything.