Mindmap & Node-RED readonly mode?

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I know this sounds strange but ... I've started using Node-RED as a Mindmap-like diagram-thingy!

Why? Because unlike other mindmap tools, Node-RED can do multiple in and out connections, so that multiple ideas can be connected and potentially feed into a longer text. Plus Node-RED has a Markdown editor and all my texts happen to be in Markdown.

I'm attempting to organise my writing/notes/ideas into a 2D visualisation. At the moment I'm using a 1D visualisation in the sense that everything is simply dumped into several different documents and there aren't any links between documents nor any kind of overview of contents.

I then thought that it would nice to put this online as a kind of blog/thought-dump but obviously that should be readonly. Hence the question whether there is a readonly mode for Node-RED?

I assume there isn't since Node-RED was never intended to be a blogging platform :upside_down_face:

Cheers & thank you for the flexibility of Node-RED for making this possible!

The docs on securing Node-RED are here: Securing Node-RED : Node-RED

It includes how you can configure the "default" user as one that cannot deploy any changes - IE read-only mode.

Thank you :+1: - that does the job, in an unexpected way!

The flow remains modifiable in the browser but not deployable which wasn't what I intended but makes for an interactive user experience :wink:

You would be better off with a tool that does proper idea maps - they are generally referred to as "Concept Maps" as opposed to mind maps. There are dozens of tools that will do this.

Just to add, the next release, 3.1, introduces the ability to lock flows that will prevent a read-only user from being able to modify them at all. A logged in user will be able to unlock the flow, modify and lock again before deploying.

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Having a quick read from Wikipedia and viewing this walt disney concept image I see what you mean and you're probably right.

However my thinking is also to be able to take text snippets and bring them together via flows (of course not possible yet). Each text snippet would be an idea that becomes part of a longer text. Each of those text snippets could be reused in other texts and via the flows, an overview would be maintained where each snippet (i.e, idea) had been integrated.

This might seem a little esoteric but it's how I seem to visualise this stuff!

OK, I apologise in advance for mentioning uibuilder in yet another thread :slight_smile:

But you might want to check out the "low-code" features in uibuilder since it lets you do exactly what you are saying. Have nodes that define text (or HTML or Markdown) snippets that can be orchestrated into something bigger.

One of the ideas being that you can consolidate multiple inputs to a single HTML output. At the moment, you need a uibuilder node to finalise that output as HTML. But in the next-but-one release (v6.2 probably), you will be able to create the HTML in Node-RED as well for use in other nodes/outputs.

The upcoming v6.1 will provide zero-code nodes that will output the low-code configuration as well to make it even easier.

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