Minimum time between motion notifications in Home Assistant

Somewhat new to Node-Red, using in partnership with Home Assistant. Slick, really like it.

I've got a motion sensor hooked to a notification. It's sending notifications too often. I'd like there to be a minimum of two minutes between notifications. So something like this:

  • time 0: motion causes notify
  • time 30s: motion causes notify, but gets supressed
  • time 2m 30s: motion causes notify, and notification gets sent

Any ideas ? I'm sure there are probably at least six ways to do this, right ?

Thanks to this: Preventing multiple inputs/triggers

I think I figured it out.

Here's my config to suppress for two minutes:

Thanks for posting that, it had not occurred to me that you could use a Trigger node in this case. The other method is to use a Delay node in Rate Limit mode. There is a difference if you want individual rate control based on the topic (which you don't). When that is selected with the Delay node then the outputs are sent on a regular timed tick whereas with the Trigger node they occur independently for each topic, which may be significant in some use cases.

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