Need motion sensor filter flow to output an 'on' only once while restarting a 10 minute counter. No more "on" outputs until after 10 mins of no motion

Made lots of progress with node red flows so I'm almost embarrassed to ask this question:

I have my driveway motion sensor which just sends on and then a quick off. I want to use that to trigger a "Driveway motion" text message and voice announcement.

But I need to filter it so can only be retriggered again after 10 minutes of no motion (otherwise it's flooding me with text messages). So when stuff's happening on the driveway I don't want to be notified again until there's been 10 minutes of inactivity.

I've search and watched videos and tried a bunch of timer nodes and some come close and others gloss right over what I need. I tried Neil's Mytimer suggested to someone else back in 2019 is the closest but I need it not to keep outputting an 'on' each time there's motion inside the 10 minutes.


Sounds like a job for the trigger node. Can be set to send on, then wait 10 mins, extend if necessary then send nothing.

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ok I'll take a go at it.

I'll be back to post my solution (if I find one .. or need more help).


Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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