Preventing multiple inputs/triggers

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How best to pass the first instance of a message on to the next node, then ignore subsequent messages for a set time period?

My solar pv panels send a production value every 10 seconds; I want to generate an email if they produce < 25 watts between sunrise and sunset to indicate they have gone offline. But I also want to suppress subsequent emails for an hour or so as I don't want to clog up my Inbox with repeated messages each day.

My flow so far is this, and it works fine as far as it goes, and the trigger & block node requires activating before a second email is generated. But how to automate the activation of the trigger & block node so that the system ignores future < 25 messages until hh:mm (or a mm delay) ?

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Hi @haskle

how exactly have you got the Trigger node configured?

If you configure like this:

albeit change '5 seconds' to whatever interval you want, then I think it should do what you want.

When a message arrives it will get passed through. It will then block for the configured period of time. After that time, it will then allow the next message that arrives to pass through without the need for any intervention.

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Hi @knolleary - thanks for that, just what I needed. I have changed things around a bit, and put the sunrise > goldenHour node further forward, so that only messages received between those times get processed at all, and even those only the first in any one 30 minute period will generate an email.

I can now swap out the trigger node for my MQTT input node. Very happy!

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