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hi all,
I'm sure I'm missing something simple but just can't put my finger on it nor can I find it in any tutorials/info to find out the reason. I installed the node-red-contrib-cast like every other package and downloaded a simple example but now matter what I try I keep getting 'Flows stopped due to missing node types' because of cast-to-client when I deploy. Can someone please point me in the direction to debug and resolve? Thanks.


  • what platform and os release are you using?
  • what version of NR and node.js? (see startup log)
  • how did you install the node? via CLI or using the Palette manager?

try starting NR from tthe CLI using node-red --safe and uninstall the node to see if you can get running again

If you installed from the command line have you restarted node-red?

You said you imported an example. Do all the nodes in there open up ok if you double click them? The fact that the flows have not started will not stop you editing the flow.

Thanks for the replies... I monkeyed with it some more and I think I'm back on my horse. I had done all the install/removes (I tried a few times) via the palette. I noticed on the NR page that installing via the palette wasn't mentioned like other packages so this time I removed the cast installation, rebooted, installed via npm, rebooted and now it seems to be OK. It was weird, Cast would install w/o issue, I could select it, edit it, and everything appeared to work normal but wouldn't deploy. Also, if I would close my browser and log in again the cast node in the node list would be gone but it would still show 'installed'.
Now it seems stable, I can log in, log out, and deploy w/o issues, now it's time to try to get it to do what I want :).

Thanks again, I do appreciate the support.

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