Missing UDP In node in Node-RED



As I was building my projects flow in Node-Red, I came to the part where you must implement a UDP in node to communicate with a debug node. However, my available nodes only have UDP out. Any help or advice would be appreciated. This is for the Tello Drone coding challenges. If any more info is needed, please ask.

To be very clear, on the left side, where you have nodes that you drag and drop from, I have no UDP - in under my input category.

Thank you!



What are you running Node-RED?

What operating system?
What version of Node-RED?
What version of nodejs?

When you start Node-RED what are the logged messages?



I am running Node-RED from the browser currently.

Windows 10 home.
v 0.19.5 of Node-RED
11.7.0 of nodejs

Message: Flows stopped due to missing node types.

  • udp in

Also, Here is a screenshot of my dashboard.



I ended up figuring out the issue and have decided to leave my own solution for anyone in the future who may have the same problem. Long story short, somewhere on my system from awhile ago, I had an older version of Node.js installed. Since i did not know this, I downloaded the newest version and ran it. Anyways, turns out that if you have two versions installed, one being older, it favors the old one for some reason and leaves the node-RED connection and functionality broken and missing certain things. Anyways the fix is to completely uninstall all Node.js and reinstall with the newest.

Thank you!



Just to note that the recommended version of node.js to use with node-RED is 8.x not the latest.
See https://nodered.org/docs/getting-started/installation



Any of the LTS versions (8.x or 10.x) are supported.



Should the installation page be updated? It still says 8.x is the recommended and does not mention 10.x as far as I can see.