Modbus contrib optimization for energy storage control

At the moment I'm building an ui for a solar energy storage with node red modbus contrib. The problem is, that the browser starts getting very lame, when I combine the nodes with a lot of gauges, I think I used about 9 to 12 gauges. At the moment I'm using 159 nodes overall (modbus, dashboard function nodes etc.)

I use the normal write and read nodes, but there are these flex nodes. I know how to use them (with additional function node), but wil they give me a performance boost ?

The ui is now usable again, because I switched the gauges with text output, but this is actually not as I want it. I want to add another storage via TCP/IP and another one via RS232 (just the bms). I think, that this all together will kill my dashboard or at least the browser. Is it, just if there is no other oppertunity, possible to build an own program like an executable which uses my node-red code or do i have to code all precoded nodes by myself ?

And my third question: How can I move Groups in the UI ? I took a map (for the locations of the energy storage containers) and set it as a backgroundpicture with css, but I don't know how to move groups so that I can use parameters I got from modbus, tcp/ip or rs232 and show on the map, where I got the values from. When I try to use spacers, they will block the background picture.

Sorry for that massive text, but maybe someone has already made some experience with these problems. Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

To say something meaningful it takes to know key parameters of the machine where you run the browser with dashboard.
I just did a little "kill browser with gauges" test. With Chrome

40 regular gauges - (~18% CPU) barely visible lagging in animations
100 regular gauges - (~32% CPU) hard lagging in animations
120 regular gauges - (~38% CPU) browser stalls for a 10 sec, extreme lagging in animations

40 artless gauges - (~12% CPU) no visible lagging in animations
100 artless gauges - (~24% CPU) no visible lagging in animations
120 artless gauges - (~26% CPU) barely visible lagging in animations
200 artless gauges - (~35% CPU) browser stalls for a 2 sec, extreme lagging in animations

So yes. Gauges are expensive. So to say.

I run an i5-8500 Hexa Core @ 3GHz with 16 GB of RAM.

With this I don't think so the gauges should be that much problem.

How often are you providing new values to the gauges? What you describe should be no problem on an i5, I was imagining you were running on a pi.

I don't know about the dashboard transparency issue, that might be better asked in a separate question which can go in the dashboard category and will get the attention of dashboard users. Though actually the gauges question should be in the dashboard category too. Often it is best not ask completely unrelated questions in one post (modbus and dashboard in this case).

Yeah, I thought more about the modbus connection than the gauges. I request a new value every second.
But this isn't the problem I have, because I can switch the gauges for text outputs. I want to know, if this modbus connection can be made faster with the flex nodes

Re transparency - there are several threads in the forum. Spacers should be same colour as the card "background"

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