Modbus Node red

I would be extremely grateful for your help, I have to import records into node red via a fixed Modbuswith wifi, in a time interval. I have worked with node red very little so far. That is why I am currently facing an almost insoluble problem for myself. I don’t really find much on the net, and if it’s something, it’s not understandable to me how. I would be very happy if someone could help me here
Thx a lot

As a summary if I understood well, you have a project and wanted to hire someone to move it forward… otherwise I did not catch the post.

Sure you will find some good professional over here.


Yes, that’s it. I need a tip to move forward. I would be very thankful.


Could you please elaborate so as we can understand and hopefully offer some help ? Please detail your hardware platform, modbus devices, protocol variant, etc… What precisely you want to achieve and what you have done so far ?

Thx a lot for the fast answer. Now I can find a solution with the help of one Teammate. But thank you so much for offer your help.

It would be good if you could summarise the solution in a reply here so if anyone else finds this thread they can benefit from your experience