Modify the properties of a node

Hi All. How can I edit these properties from Dashboard via an input text.

I would like to modify these properties from here how can I do?

Dont think you can override password but others can be set according to the built in help

click the email node, open the info panel on the right, read it.


You can't override the userid either. (You can set the from id if it is different to the userid)

@dceejay Dave, the last part of what @Steve-Mcl posted

You may optionally set msg.from in the payload which will override the userid default value.

implies you can dynamically set the from/userid. I just tested and I get an error if I use msg.from and in the node. the userid is blank or filled in with a bad id. If the userid is filled in, and I send in msg.from the message is sent, but in the email message I get 'No Sender'

Is this a bug?

maybe, but... you "must" have a userid as that is the account the password refers to... - you should then be able to optionally set the from by using msg.from. BUT some (more and more) email services don't let you do that, so although you specify it they may reject it if the from is also not a valid email address (to them). IE to stop spam from random addresses.

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I was going to suggest a PR that the msg.from option be removed, but it 'might' effect someone's existing flow :frowning_face: but how about a PR to change the text to read:

You may optionally set msg.from in the payload to override userid but it must be a valid userid associated with the password.

Yes - someone specifically requested it. maybe more like

"The From id can be set differently from the userid by using msg.from, but not all mail services allow this unless the from id is also a valid address."

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