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the E-Mail server I use with node-red-node-email requires the username only (not the e-mail address) in the User-ID field. This causes that the sender of my Node Red e-mails is not shown correctly at the receiver. Is there a way to decouple the User-ID used for the login from the sender e-mail address?



Have you tried this from the help page ?

You may optionally set msg.from in the payload which will override the userid default value.

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Thanks, using the msg.from worked. I have seen this field before, but did not really consider it, because the German help text in Node red says " Es kann optional auch msg.from in den Nutzdaten (Payload) vorgegeben werden, was die eingestellte Benutzer-ID Ć¼berschreiben wĆ¼rde." which can be interpreted as "it will overwrite the User-ID". So I was a bit afraid, that my login will not work anymore after using msg.from.
At this point, the German translation should, maybe, be made a bit more clear.

@thomas-hn I'm sure that any updates to the translation you can make would be welcomed. :grinning:

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