Mongodb dynamic access to collection - caused me problems

if the field Collection is left empty, msg.collection allowed to contain the collection for that ... .. but...
I used it and it crashed my system, node-red would constantly mongdb errors So there was no way to get back to node-red.. stop-restart. reboot.. same thing
I stopped node-red and removed the modules directories mongodb and mongodb-core because I could not do it from node-red.
(should have stopped mongodb instead ???)
if I try to remove mongo :
I get
and nothing in the log except :

2020-02-26T00:46:54.491Z Remove : node-red-contrib-mongodb2

So cannot remove mongodb cannot re-install it.

***it waits for missing types to be registered. - (??) ***

25 Feb 19:36:34 - [info] Stopping flows
25 Feb 19:36:34 - [info] Stopped flows
25 Feb 19:28:13 - [info] Waiting for missing types to be registered:
25 Feb 19:28:13 - [info] - mongodb2
25 Feb 19:28:13 - [info] - mongodb2 in

I removed all the flows with the offending nodes with mongodb2,
but it still get :
image and nothing in the log.
Cannot run node-red any more : flows are always stopped.

Stop node-red and start it in safe mode:

node-red --safe

now you can remove or change the offending nodes and deploy.

Thank so much bakman2, I did not know about this neat trick.
I managed to get rolling again !!!
for other options :

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