More control over what's shown in a project diff

I see that there was already some discussion in this area but as far as I can see, there was no solution for what I'd like.

When committing a flow, I really don't care whether the position (x, y) and size (w, h) of the node have changed, since this is purely a cosmetic change and doesn't affect functionality. Unfortunately, for me, each commit inevitably includes a lot of these changes.

I would therefore love it if the positional changes could be excluded from the diff. Not necessarily always, of course, because some people might want to know what has been moved, but if there were a checkbox for hiding cosmetic changes (which, I suppose, would logically also include things like colour changes) then this would be a massive productivity boost for me.

It would mean I don't have to go down the list of changes clicking each yellow "changed" blob to open (expand), checking whether anything other than x, y, w or h changed, then re-clicking the "changed" blob to close and moving down to the next one to repeat the process.

I think I would also be more likely to commit changes more often as the process would be frictionless, which makes for more maintainable code!

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