V3+ additional requests

Hi ,

Just jotting down the list of FRs - which i discussed in a couple of posts.
NR Team - appreciate if you can review and add them to the backlog of the product.
When etc. i am aware of constraints - so that will happen when it happens
(I have mentioned v3 but that's more of wishful thinking)

  1. Link Call Nodes - It will be great to have an option to define msg attribute which will contain the name of the Link In node to be called. (This will make the Link Call Node extremely dynamic where the nature of the flow can pre-configured in external stores). So if this mode is enabled - when the message comes through - based on the message attribute value the corresponding Link IN node will be called.

  2. Projects :- When showing diff - it will be great to limit it to tabs/subflows which have changed or sort it and show it on the top.

  3. Projects :- Add ability to filter down the diff to functional changes. Example - if the position of nodes were changed - this would be a cosmetic change (a akin to diff -b in Unix)

  4. Projects - When doing a commit - allow to edit the commit log while the diff screen is open...currently if in diff mode - user cannot edit commit log. This way user can list down the flows which changed to the commit log. This way when viewing commit history he knows which flows changed. Alternatively add the names + IDs of flows / subflows which changed - as a predefined portion of commit log.

  5. Projects :- When in project mode - can the commit id be added as an attribute to the flows ? The background is related to tracking. When distributing a flows from one environment (which has projects) to other env (which doesnt have projects) - it can be track backed which version was imported to the destination environment. It will be great if the commit id can be shown on screen - maybe in info tab.

Thank You once again all for your patience in answering my periodic queries. Our team has adopted the NR tool in recent months and response has been fantastic .

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