More then one icon in UI


I like to give a button multiple icons.
In fact i like to make three question marks in different colors.

> class="fas fa-question fa-2x"></i>i class="fas fa-question fa-2x"></i>i class="fas fa-question fa-2x"></i>

Don't work ;(


<i class="fa fa-question fa-2x"></i><i class="fa fa-question fa-2x"></i><i class="fa fa-question fa-2x"></i>

Node-red is don't awesome 4.7 so fas icons aren't available.

What am I doing wrong ?

Nothing wrong as far as I can see from that screenshot.

Just to be sure, you do realise that part of a node-red node is for documenting a node on the sidebar right?

I think i put it in the right spot.

this ist the button with the icons! but in the UI the won't be shown ;(

You didn't specify a button. You wrote 3 i elements.

Can you explain exactly what you are trying to achieve? Do you really want a button to be displayed in the sidebar? Or are you trying to add a button to a dashboard UI?

Im sry
Yes i would like to show it in a button in the UI.

In here i would like three question marks with different colores.

Then why don't you simply add a ui-button node?

How do i do it with different colors ?
sry I am a beginner :wink:


Have you seen this playlist: Node-RED Essentials. The videos are done by the developers of node-red. They're nice & short and to the point. You will understand a whole lot more in about 1 hour. A small investment for a lot of gain.

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That, along with the help tab in the right hand sidebar should get you on your way.

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