Move over the editor page


This maybe something very silly but I think will be good when you are on the editor to be able to move around the page with the "tool hand" instead of having only the option to use the bars.

To clarify I refer to the "tool hand" as:


Right now the only option are the bars (if I'm not wrong)




You can also use the mouse scroll wheel if you have one. Your finger also works if you have a touch screen. You will also be able to use the track pad’s scroll combination (usually 2 fingers on Windows).

I have to say that it would be nice if the keyboard arrow buttons also worked (when no node is selected of course).

It would also be nice to have a drag option though - perhaps left mouse button in combination with the alt button would work well.



Yep Julian I know about this option but the hand tool is very easy to use for moving around… actually pushing any of booth mouse buttons makes a area selection, maybe can use right one for this functionality and left button for hand tool and moving the page.

Is not a big deal but is just one idea.




The code to do this is simple enough, its simply a case of picking the right gesture to do it.

I’ve listed out all of the existing mouse interactions with the workspace here:

I haven’t done an exhaustive survey of existing apps, but the ones I have looked at mostly used the middle mouse button to do this. So if there aren’t any strong objections, I think that will be the one here.



I guess is not related to my config but for me on node red editor is not working, to move over the page space on windows is click-drag (working fine), further more could be this feature or the hand tool, any of the two options would be great to make easier to work, even more considering the configuration of the workspace of each tab on the editor.




Sorry @davidcgu, I’m not following you.

It doesn’t work today as it hasn’t been implemented yet.

The proposal is that clicking with the middle mouse button will be used to drag around the workspace.

I’m not sure what you mean by “considering the configuration of the workspace of each tab on the editor.” We aren’t going to make this a configurable option that you can change for each tab.



Hi Knolleary,

On my computer with windows 10 midle button + drag works on any other window site (I’m using Chrome) however on node red editor is not working, for me this is one suggestion for feature request :slight_smile: