Moving a set of flows to a other machine

I have running a RPi 3+ running with N-R now over 3 years for my garden irrigation system.
Last year I began to build up a weather-station (arduino and a RPi 4 as data server)
By the installation of msql/MariaDb I get some of troubles, so I had decided to use a new RPi 4
Both projects are running as well, but on different machines.
Now my question, it is possible to move the older project from the RPi 3+ to the new one?
There are 9 flows to move. What I have to prepare before. I have a little bit of hesitation to just do this
Thanks for your help

Export the flows on the first machine and import them on the other one.
Works most of the time perfect, however if you have dashboard items check if they don't conflict or mess up with the existing dashboard.

thank you, I think this must be fine

but an other question, are conflicts possible, when different jobs are running? both jobs are using http-communication, may be I have to test this

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