Moving multiple elements at the same time in the layout editor

I don't know if anybody has made the same observation as me. At least I couldn't find an existing thread:

I have several layouts in node-red-dashboard that consist of > 30 Elements. Every time I want to insert elements between existing elements or create new elements within the layout I have to manually grab each element and move it to its new designated position. This is taking me up to 30 minutes each time I want to do something like this.

Can anybody relate?

A workaround that came to mind would be to write a script that edits the flow.json file directly to set the desired 'location' properties of the ui elements. This however probably isn't a good idea...

Can someone imagine how to improve the user-experience in that case? I don't want anybody to implement something, I just want to know what a good way to do things would look like.

My proposal: CTRL+click on an element marks it red allowing you to select multiple elements. If you then drag a marked element all the marked elements get dragged along with it, keeping the relative distances between the marked elements constant.

Thank you for your time!

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