MQTT Aedes Problem Connecting Multiple Arduino Controllers

Newbie here - hi. And I mean new I. New to Arduino/MQTT/Node-Red etc.

I’m running Arduino Mkr1010 controllers communicating via WiFi, MQTT to Node-Red on a laptop. All goes well running a single arduino. Can subscribe, publish etc. My problem occurs when I try with two arduinos. The second keeps disconnecting from MQTT.

Is there anything obvious I should try? Or would you prefer to see code etc?

Cheers Alpal

Hello and welcome to the forum.

This really isn't a Node-Red issue... but...

I would suggest to make sure each Arduino has a distinct client name

Sorry if placed on wrong forum - thought it might relate to the MQTT Aedes node I was using. Have tried your suggestion- didn’t work.

Well, if it does, you might ask on it's git-hub page.

I use the Mosquitto Broker, the core MQTT nodes and pubsubclient... and it just works.

That mean you had the same client ID on both before??

Are you using any Serial monitor diagnostics on the Arduinos?

How about checking the MQTT flow with something like MQTT Explorer

If you don't have a good reason to use aedes I suggest using Mosquito. It is more efficient ready to install and solid as a rock.

Thanks Gunner - as it turns out you were correct. The code I had copied called the field Dev_Name and I presumed that referred to the device name of the MQTT broker. Wrong. Back on track now. Two working side by side. You bewdy!

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