MQTT Node connections


Hi ,

I am using MQTT node to publish and subscribe on different topics (all the same flow) to mosquitto broker.
everything work very well, I can send command to the node-red in raspberry pi3 and publish data from sensor to the broker.
but I monitor the traffic in wireshark, I have found that MQTT publish and subscriber in the same TCP Channel, when I checked the conversation statistic in wireshark it is only one connection with two way, that means, it has only the following two connections:
raspberry pi IP to Mosquitto IP
mosquitto IP to raspberry pi

only these two, and the packet counts and size are increasing all the time.

my question, can we make mqtt over multiple TCP connections?



Hi @manal

In the MQTT nodes there is the drop-down list of brokers you pick from. They represent the individual connections the nodes will make. So if two nodes use the same broker from the list, they will share a connection.

If you want two nodes to use different connections, you can add additional brokers to the drop-down - even if they ultimately point at the same physical broker.



Thanks a lot
it is working