Mqtt and data and shelly

Hi guys.

I need abit of assistance.

I am new to node red and mqtt.

Problem 1

I need my Shelly device to connect over remote connection to my mqtt server.

I received a email from shelly support to say that I must not use TLS connection. How do I set that up.

Problem 2

The values getting pushed to my gauge on my node red.

I want to great a report from that. A csv report will work fine.

If someone can please guide me. Will be appreciated.

Hi @imile welcome to the forum.

MQTT is explained really well here:

To set up the shelly go to it's web interface and set up MQTT - just put in the address of your MQTT server.

To control the shelly send "ON" or "OFF" as a payload with the topic set to:


Do you mean that you have a Shelly in one location and your MQTT server in another? Are you using an Internet connection?

If so, make sure you consider whether you want your information flowing unencrypted over the Internet. Also make sure that you are securing both ends carefully.

Another approach might be to put another MQTT broker at your remote connection and then get the 2 MQTT brokers to talk to each other and sync the appropriate topics. Since MQTT brokers do support TLS, you can more easily encrypt the traffic. You can also keep the Shelly device isolated from the Internet - trust me, that is a "Really good thing" :tm:

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