MQTT and smart devices. Project idea for charging them


A little project I thought of:

People have a lot of "smart devices" (aka Phones, etc).

I'm not going to go into the topic of batteries and overcharging. That is a topic unto itself.

But I was thinking.

(This will require special "split" power leads - maybe)

You plug your device into the charger. It charges. If you go past and happen to look and notice it is charged, you unplug it.

With MQTT on the device/s, they could send a message when their battery is full.
How neat!

Ok, this is kind of off topic for "Node-Red" and more for MQTT. But as I am using NR and it has MQTT, I am just asking.

When the device is plugged in it sends an identification message to the charger and requests power.

Power is supplied until the battery is full when another message is received (by the charger) saying "I'm full".

The state of any plugged in device could be shown on a small display, or a NEOPIXEL LED.

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Hello, I do not know which smartphone you use, but for Android smartphones there is the app "Tasker". Here "battery full" can be used as a trigger and then a corresponding action to be performed. For Tasker there are countless plugins. You have to learn a bit, but I like to use the app.




Yeah, I know TASKER.

Yes that does work. I have a FLOW that does that for me. Low battery, VERY Low batter, and Charged.

But for the sake of learning stuff, it was an idea for a smart charger.

The phone is plugged in and requests power.

It is charged and when full, the power (charging) is turned off.

I know that is not exactly easy to do as the comms and power are through the USB port.

So: ok, the power is always there. But when you plug the device in, the charger knows "who" it is.

They talk to each other and the batter level is noted and when 100% the charger knows. Granted there is little it can do.

But maybe log that.

It is just an exercise more than anything.


Maybe that will Help:




Shall look at it soon.