MQTT client with local TLS configuration not works correctly

  • We deploy our MQTT mosquitto with TLS connetion correctly.

  • We add a MQTT client on node-red and configure with TLS and made this tests:

    1. we unchecked the option: 'use key and certicates from local file'. We upload only a ca.crt autosigned and checked the option 'Verify server certificate' and the client connects is OK.
    2. we remove the previous ca.crt and save again and the client not connect, is OK
    3. we check the option: 'use key and certicates from local file' and set the path to my certificate ca.crt again and the client connects, is OK
    4. we change the path previous and set a random file and the client continue connects, whats??, is no OK

My question:

  1. If I upload the cettificastes, where are there save?, in what path of my computer node-red save the certificates uploades?
  2. In the 4) test previous explained, if a use a random path with a random file the how the client continue be connected, it's impossible isn't it?


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