MQTT node not getting values from things network broker

I'v created a MQTT node and which i have linked with influx DB node. My mqtt node is supposed to be connect with my device on the TTN "co-sensor1". I have followed all the steps to set up the mqtt node that TTN has posted < MQTT in Node-RED [HowTo] - Application Development - The Things Network >
new mqtt 1 new mqtt 2
MQTT - setting3

I followed all the provided steps and the mqtt node is connected to my TTN device. im receiving uplinks from my device on TTN but im not getting any values out of the mqtt node.

I have searched everywhere for answers but I've finally given up :frowning: If you have any idea on how I can fix this issue please let me know.

Do you have a MQTT broker installed on any device in your network? Or what acts as the MQTT broker? I do not see in your description of any mention of a broker. Mosquitto MQTT is one example. There is also a local MQTT broker node (node-red-contrib-aedes) in the node download section if you want a local broker in the same context of your Node-RED process.

I missed the mention of "broker" in the title... My BAD!


Do you have Mosquitto installed?

The server is usually the ip address of the machine that you are running node red on with 1883 as the port.

MQTT is verrrrry exact, the connection that you make is case sensitive, and the information being collected by the MQTT server needs to be exactly the same as the information being put out by your sensor.

First time i used MQTT i used wireshark to actually see what the MQTT message was being sent over the network.

Hope this helps, i am not a super brain with all of this, but remember well the pain of connecting MQTT the first time.


@hp_apcc @Bigbloke
AFAIK the OP seems to have successfully connected to a cloud broker on The Things Network but is just not receiving messages on the expected topic.

@bmavina Maybe worth trying to use a wildcard on your topic to see if you can receive any messages at all?

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To test your mqtt connection to things is working...

  • Add an mqtt in node and subscribe to "test/test1" - connect that to a debug node.

  • Add an inject node and connect it to an mqtt out node with the topic "test/test1"

  • Press the inject - do you get anything coming into mqtt in node?

Note: change the topic to whatever you like (things network broker might have restrictions on topic names - I don't know)

Using the node install (node-red-contrib-aedes) broker was very easy to use as a test. Of course, Mosquitto is very easy if you can get past the initial install and get it running to do the work you ask it.

Mosquitto had an initial issue that caused it to error because it has a conflict of the Pv4 and Pv6 using the same port. Thus, I had to modify the configuration to use only Pv4 so it would not error.

I used the palette installed node to server the purpose of getting something communicating on a baseline, thus debugging the problem I ran into with a fresh install of Mosquitto and my learning curve..

I haven't come across that problem. What OS was that on and how did you install it? Were you doing something to try to make it use both IP versions?

Windows 10.
I installed it on 2 different Win 10 PC's. I had to disable Pv6 to avoid an error due to conflict of port. I changed it on the first one, so I already made a note for it.

It even says so in the notes for config file, that you must choose to disable Pv6 depending if you use it or not. That is, in Mosquitto configuration, because of the conflict.

I think maybe that is a Windows thing, as I haven't seen it on Ubuntu or Raspbian.

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