Msg.params from ui_control node

I notice that if I deploy a ui_control node and open the dashboard using a url such as
that I get two messages from the ui_control node. The first is the connect message, which is followed by a change tab event message and the message has an attribute params which contains
{ fred: "hello", jim: "42"}
Is that intended behaviour and can I rely on it working? I would like to use it for various devious purposes.
In particular I would like different devices to go to different tabs on startup, and to preload some fields with values, which I believe I can do by using different parameters in the url.
I don't think there is another way of achieving that is there?

Yes - was added last year

Oh yes, I missed that, thanks. Is it documented anywhere? I notice it is a bit picky in how the url is formatted. So this works!/0?fred=hello
but this doesn't

Also the fact that when using a ui_control to change the tab if msg.socketid is set then the tab is only changed for the connection with that socket id doesn't seem to be documented in the info panel or the readme. Unless I missed it.

We just use the angular $ - so that is what it gives us... I'm guessing it expects proper angular urls. As you know - I'm always happy to have PRs for improving docs.

OK, thanks.

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