Passing parameters to UI Control node in the dashboard?


I want to use the "UI Control" node to change betweens tabs through when a "change" command is fired. I need however to have the information on where the change command is coming from.

To better explain, I have a button that send a change message to the UI Control (changing to another tab with some groups shown and some groups hidden). From the output node of the UI Control I want to catch this message and I want to know that this message was sent from that particular button. I see that in the output message there is a field calls "params". I read this topic Can we pass-in URL parameters to a dashboard? on how to use that field when the change is call via URL. I need to do more or less the same, but I need to pass params when I send a message in the UI Control. Is it possible?

I hope it is clear.



Why do you need to catch it on the output of the ui-control node? You could just feed the button direct to whatever you want it to do (as well as to the ui-control node).

Thanks for your help. I need to seed a "change" control message with specific params. If I send it from the button, the change message does it jobs but as well it trigger the general control that I have for any change control message. So I need to catch that particular message so general control message does not trigger as well. For now I am using a global variable but I would prefer a smarter way to do it.

I don't understand what you mean by that. Please provide more details. For example tell us exactly what is in the message and what it does that is undesirable.

Thanks for your fast reply. I will try to better explain.

I have TAB C and the first time it has a GROUP MENU that is shown and several other GROUPs that are hidden. From the group menu I can select using buttons what group(s) I can see in that tab. So, everytime there is "change" control message to go to TAB C I catch it via UI CONTROL in order to show the GROUP MENU and hide all other GROUPS: if I don't do that everytime I select TAB C, it will display the last view I had on that group. This is ok.

Now, in TAB A I have a button that create a "change" control message that goes to TAB C and select a particular view (so it shows some groups and hides others), view that it is different from the initial view I would have if I have to go to TAB C from any other point in the UI. When this message is fired from this button in TAB A, being a "change" control message to TAB C, it fires too the general change control message for TAB C, so after it shows the normal view for TAB C and not the particular view I want to show. So, the button does not do the job it is supposed to do. The only way for me to do this is to know from where the "change" control message is sent from. This is why I am asking if I can pass the params field to the UI CONTROL.

Right now I am using a global variable and it does the job, though it is not so clean to me.

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