Msg.payload string in grey

Hello Everybody,

maybe this is a stupid question but I didn't find documents about the payload as in the picture.
I would like to understand what is it.. Can you help me?

it is a string (?)
and the string is "result=0"

The reason it’s shown in grey is because you’ve expanded the view. The text contains whitespace, shown as an arrow in the first message. By tapping the small caret in front of it you it shows it with the whitespace expanded, which is the dark grey area around it.

And to be even more specific, that particular arrow, :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:, indicates a newline character (rather than a tab which shows as :arrow_right:)

:leftwards_arrow_with_hook: is \n? (two string)?

I just noted it because the switch node with == result=0 and == result=1 didn't work. I must set up
contains result=0 and contains result=1

I tried tu set up \n? but it didn't recognize the payload...