Msg ui property Y axis scale

It is possible to decide the scale of Y-axis in a chart, e.g. line chart?

Maybe sending some msg.ui_property messages?


yes as described in the docs

sorry...what docs...I didnt find them on web

find the node on then follow the link in the text

In the config for the chart there are Y Max and Y Min fields.

Not min and max...the scale

you need to describe what you mean. As to me if you define the min max you define the scale.

I have this y-axis


I want a step of 1, I dont want 2.5, 3.75, 1.25....

currently that isn't possible. You can set min and max - but it then auto generates the "ticks". There is possibly an option to set it to be integers only - but that would then not work if the scale was (for example) 0 to 1. You may be able to change the max suitably to make the ticks fit more how you want.


thak you for the exhaustive response

I know this is a resurrection of a year old thread, but has this been solved? I see that Node-Red is using the directives from this library (Angularjs-nvd3-directives) and that library offers the ability to change the Y Axis Tick style with the property yAxisTickFormat.

My chart data has values like x.xx and the Y axis label reflects that, but I'd like to format the label to x.x without actually changing my inout data.