MSSQL-PLUS Execute Procedure

I Have function before my MSSQL-PLUS I want to send to MSSQL-PLUS the

  1. procedure Name : ProductNodeRedService
    And this procedure has 3 parameters and 2 return Value :
    Paramter_Number_1 Type: NVARCHAR(MAX)
    Paramter_Number_1 Value : '101859,2034,2222,3333,666'

Paramter_Number_2 Type: INT
Paramter_Number_2 Value :0

Paramter_Number_3 Type: INT
Paramter_Number_3 Value :2

And there is 2 return values from this procedure
I want to see both returned value because depend on it I choose the path of my code

Salam alaykum @Mohamed_1711, welcome to the forum.

Does the database procedure run?

Please show us the output.
(Use a debug node set to show the entire message object, the "Copy value button in the debug panel and post it here using the </> button.)

The procedure Run and
return output type integer by mean return = 2

you can select how you want to receive the return values. Please take a minute and read the configuration. Also the best way to get this working the way you intend is to ensure that you can model your queries, procedures, responses etc in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Then pass the SQL statement with the node.

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