MSSQL Stored procedure

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how to execute a stored procedure and store the result to use in another query?

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Search INSERT the data into the database, there is a node for MYSQL aswell

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This thread about how to execute a stored procedure in MSSQL should help. Obviously your inputs & outputs are different, but this should get you going.

Thanks for your attention, I don't think I was able to express myself properly, I would like to run this example query, and get a return value from the entire execution like this example.

declare @ReturnID int

execute @ReturnID = [dbo].[LogN2_Event] 1,1 ,1

print 'Return value = ' + cast (@ReturnID as varchar (10) )

Return value = 1053658

Completion time: 2021-11-10T16:30:07.1955275-03:00

After the procedure runs, it returns a value that I store in the @ReturnID variable

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so that it is readable thanks.

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