Multiple end users accessing the application developed through Node red

Hi All,
Currently working on a project that uses node red and its dashboard as UI. As the nodered environment is a single user, we would like to make this available to many end users at one point of time. For this we are trying to use AKS and ACR for creating replicas and exposing the application.

But this is not succesful. would like to know if anyone has worked on the similar problem before and appreciate any leads.

Thanks in advance

I don't know what AKS and ACR are. I do know that some people work around this issue by using Docker containers.

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AKS - Azure Kubernetes Service
ACR - Azure Container Registry

We deployed the application by creating the Dicker Images and exposed the application using the external IP, we get "Connection Lost" on dashboard for the users if more than one tries to access the dashboard. And the changes made by one user, reflects on the other users Node-red.

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As the Dashboard Readme states


Multiple Users

This Dashboard does NOT support multiple individual users. It is a view of the status of the underlying Node-RED flow, which itself is single user. If the state of the flow changes then all clients will get notified of that change.

Messages coming from the dashboard do have a msg.socketid , and updates like change of tab, notifications, and audio alerts will be directed only to that session. Delete the msg.sessionid to send to all sessions.

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